International standard conformity: distress and SOS signal light emitting
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International STD. Conformity
Distress and SOS signal light
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18 Semtember 2015 Version V3.0 released
[New features]
* I added warning sounds and added its ON-OFF button.
20 April 2015 Version V2.1 released
[New features]
* In the pages of test of flash light, there are cases where you press the [set] button the results of the visually nothing without selection.To view the message [You do not set a test result. It works without using flash. Please set a test result later.] as a caution at this time.
* When trying to do a flash test the after 2nd time, I made sure that the result set last time will be shown to a radio button.
[Modification function]
* I emitted light with a signal of the SOS first when it started.
* Do not display because there is a Smartphone without Flash also Flash test screen. Also, do not appear in the menu.
19 Jan 2015 Version V2.0 released
【New features】
* Using the Flash.
* Something flashes in the canonical form of the Android and models do not exist.Made in advance make Visual check on the test page, resulting in flashing strobe.
19 October V1.0
* First edition launched.

When it was in distress at a mountain, inform a rough place with a telephone and GPS, and a relief helicopter and a coverage helicopter fly, but It's noisy, and you can hear, can receive and can't find voice. but Are not you to discover not hear voices in helicopter noisy sound.

 You want to tell the clear will Yoy want to rescue.
This application emits distress signal and SOS signal, which is defined in the international standard at a time like this.

In the sea・・・

From the sky・・・

In addition,because it is an international standard not related to country and language, it is safe even when traveling to not understand the word abroad.

When this application is started.・・・

For use in the test will not be mistaken for those seeking actually rescue, Please do not reach the light to the outside indoors.

[About international standard]

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[100Yen(Japanese Yen])
International standard conformity: distress signal light and SOS light emitting
In case of emergency, it is disaster prevention app that emits a distress signal and the SOS signal.
Let's download application from a smartphone right now!

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