Clock of unnecessary Glasses
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Clock of unnecessary Glasses
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9 April 2014Version V1.2 released
【New features】
Stores the background color and text color you are watching at now, it has to be displayed in the same state when viewed next.
1 February 2014 V1.0
First edition launched.

I went to the sympathy to the hospital that my friend is in the hospital.
Who was in the side was watching at the clock on the magnifying glass smartphone.Rather than wear glasses, this person is so fast.
Look at this, I made this app.

The person of weak eyesight.
Person who has not worn glasses with bed yet.
The person under going out.
I greatly displayed only the time to know the time immediately.

Please install it in the smartphone of your father and your mother.Please install it in the smartphone of your father and your mother.
It is pleased very much.

At the time of hospitalization.
When we are hospitalized suddenly.A lot of hospitalization articles are necessary.There is usually no wall clock in a sickroom.We do not notice that it brings a clock.
For the direction of weak eyesight, they are necessaries.

At the time of disaster.
Ooh, it is earthquake !
Ooh, it is tidal wave !
There is not the person taking a big clock at the time of such a sudden disaster,however, We always has the smart phone. It is safe even if it lose glasses at the time of such a disaster.Time can be checked even if there are no glasses.

The person of weak eyesight.
Time looks large like seen under a magnifying glass.
Because the time looks big , We are reliable.

The person who needs a magnifying glass
Because these people have a big letter, a magnifying glass is unnecessary.

The person under travel.
Also when there is no big clock in the room in a travel destination, time is simply known by big time display, and it is convenience.

The person who is going out.
Even We can checked time easily during going out.

The person who stays at the house of the friend.
We can easily confirm time without caring about a friend.

Those who do not have a clock of a big display in bedside.
Whenever we may awake, it is ease at a big time display.

The person who goes to the blind school.
It is necessary application for a person having a decline in eyesight.

It will be nice if it gives to the congratulation of a birthday.
Please install it on behalf of father and mother, grandfather and grandmother.

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[100Yen(Japanese Yen])
Clock of unnecessary Glasses
It is simple and displays the time by a big letter to a smartphone screen. It is very easy to read.
Let's download application from a smartphone right now!

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